Through our Affiliate Network – LongBall MG, you can choose from our strongest and highest converting campaigns in any vertical. LongBall has many exclusive offers and direct relationships with advertisers to ensure optimal payouts. Our offers are based on CPA, CPM, CPC and more. LongBall can definitely help you attain your targeted ROI and earnings. To learn more and experience our products, contact one of our affiliate managers today!


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Payment Terms

LongBall MG pays on time, every time. We realize how important it is for publishers to receive payment to help grow your business.


Exclusive Offers

LongBall MG has many exclusive campaigns which allow us to offer top payouts. We’ve built long standing relationships with advertisers to give us the advantage of unique and exclusive creatives and landing pages.


Customer Service

LongBall MG’s team works around the clock to monitor the performance and quality of traffic to campaigns. We communicate frequently with both advertisers and publishers to help maximize performance.



Using state of the art technology, LongBall MG monitors to ensure offers are tracking correctly and that publishers are paid for every conversion.